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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Tucked in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Monrovia has consistently been one of the top choices for filming movies, commercials, and more that require a truly picturesque mountain view.

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Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair

The answer depends on a few things. Air ducts facilitate the flow of air into a space. This is for ventilation and in the case of heated or cooled air, it is also for comfort. When they are damaged, it’s possible for the air to become dirtied by all sorts of pollutants such as smoke

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Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air Duct Cleaning Company

Our Air duct Cleaning company Monrovia has a team of professional air duct cleaners that can provide the residents of Monrovia with excellent service. We are very committed to provide quality air duct cleaning services and would thrive to be the best Air Duct Cleaning company here in Monrovia.

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Fast and efficient air duct cleaning service

Below are the most effective tips on air duct system repair and maintenance services. Learn to recognize malfunctioning systems and why using damp clothes for air duct cleaning is not recommended.

Never use steam or damp cloth for air duct cleaning

The use of water in any form can leave moisture inside the ducts and this may eventually lead to mold growth, which is dangerous to the health. At the same time, mold removal requires extensive work and special treatments, according to our experts in Monrovia.

Watch out for signs of HVAC air duct malfunctioning

The earlier a problem is identified, the easier and cheaper it will be to fix. The warning signs to watch out for include less efficiently working HVAC units, dust blown into the room, unpleasant smell coming from the ducts and pests getting out of the vents.

Replace filters when damaged

During air filter cleaning, check out their condition. Do you see any obvious or even small damages? In this case, it's best to repair them or the filters won't keep back dirt transferring through the air ducts. You can actually replace air duct filters easily and won't cost much.

Thorough air duct cleaning requires stronger equipment

While you don’t have to break your wallet’s back, technicians in Air Duct Cleaning Monrovia believe that it is necessary to have at least a heavy duty vacuum cleaner when dealing with air ducts. Even with this equipment it is still necessary to use soap and water to deal with grime.

Keep a regular maintenance notebook

A regular maintenance notebook is where you write and check off regular cleaning jobs. It is a good idea to keep one with an air duct cleaning part and note when you have last cleaned your air ducts, when you will be cleaning it again, and the rooms that need to be cleaned.

To stop mold growth inside the air ducts, consider setting up a UV cleanser

This device is especially designed to prevent mold from growing in dark spaces like the ducts of the HVAC system. It emits ultraviolet light at a low frequency to kill spores. UV cleansers should be used in air ducts which are tightly sealed. That is why it makes sense to repair the ducts, if needed, before setting up such a device.

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